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John F. Kennedy Jr. in Hyannis Port, September 1st, 1980.

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Jackie Kennedy and John F. Kennedy jr. visiting Greece.

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Caroline, born in November 1957, considered John Jr, born in November 1960, as her birthday gift.

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1962 Middleburg, VA.

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John F. Kennedy, Jr. (22) at his graduating from Brown University in 1983  with a bachelor’s degree in History. It was a big media happening.

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caroline whispers something to her daddy as john-john lead the troops to the candy store

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John-John and Caroline “dance” for their father in the Oval Office on October 10, 1962

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John John learns to ride a horse, summer of 1963.

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One of my style icons.

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A typical youthful escort as the President heads for his helicopter to leave Hyannisport for Washington during the summer of 1963.

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presidential tuck-in

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‘John was one of Jackie’s two miracles. He was still becoming the person he would be, and doing it by the beat of his own drummer. He had only just begun. There was in him a great promise of things to come.’

Ted Kennedy - July 23, 1999

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